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Blenheim Pilot by Chris Collingwood


Bomber Command 1939 - 41

by Chris Collingwood

RAF Blenheim Bombers were developed prior to the start of World War Two and provided the RAF with a fast light strike bomber, at the time capable of outrunning the RAF fighters it operated alongside. However by the start of the war it was fast becoming obsolete and out classed by the modern fighters being introduced.

None the less it carried out the very first RAF raids against German forces when a number of them attacked enemy shipping at Kiel Harbour on the 4th of September 1940, the day after Britain declared war on Hitlers Nazi Germany. During the early war years the venerable Blenheim continued in service, but losses mounted during the German invasion of France, and after when often without adequate escort they were sent out to attack over enemy territory. Eventually with the introduction of the Beaufighter and Mosquito the RAF finally had a replacement for the stirling work the the Blenheim had been carrying out since the start of the war.



278 ARTIST SPECIAL RESERVE             £ 65.00

138 THE LIMITED EDITION                    £ 115.00

25 ARTISTS PROOFS                              £ 150.00

15 REMARQUE EDITION                      £ 395.00

30 GICLEE CANVAS EDITION             £ 350.00

10 BLENHEIM TRIBUTES                     £ 695.00


Artist Special Reserve Image Size : 12" wide x 17" high

Overall Print Size : 16" wide x 23" high

All Other Editions Image Size : 21" wide x 28" high

Overall Print Size : 25" wide x 34" high

All Tribute Editions Come With 10" x 15" Original Drawing

Associated With The Main Print Image 


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