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The Gi - Clée Studio Proofs

by Robert Taylor

The ancient Norman monastry on Mont St. Michel provides the majestic backdrop as a group of ME 109s race across the coast returning to their forward base in northen France after a fighter sweep across the English Channel in early 1941.

Their supremo, Herman Goring, has extended the presence of the Luftwaffe all along the north coast of France preparing for a new aerial offensive against England. The leading pilots on both sides are often twenty year olds, ‘veterans’ who have survived the Battle of Britain and France. The locals now have to make the best of life under occupation, and have grown used to the aerial battles that are increasingly common overhead. Life is a continuing contrast between peaceful tranquillity and the frantic pace of war.

But the Abbey of Mont St. Michel has seen it all before : built by the Normans on a solid rock of granite rising 250 feet out of the sea, this ancient monastry has witnessed conflict over almost a thousand years. It now plays backdrop to one of Robert Taylor’s most iconic paintings - Aces on the Western Front.


Thanks to the Gi - Clée process, collectors can now complement those high value signed prints with the release of these Studio Proofs.

Produced and printed onto fine canvas under the direct supervision of the artist supervision to match his original painting, and then mounted on to high quality stretchers from the Military Gallery studio, each of these carefully crafted Giclée Studio Proofs is fully authorised and personally hand signed by the artist Robert Taylor.

Exclusively limited to just SEVENTY FIVE copies worldwide, each canvas Giclée is stamped on the back, hand - numbered and issued with a Certicate of Authenticity

Stretched Unframed US$ 795.00

Stretched & Framed UK£ 495.00

Edition Size - 75

Overall Canvas Size : 36" X 24" High