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by Richard Taylor

Skillfully led by their mercurial commander SS-Haupsturmführer Michael Wittman, the Tiger Tanks of s.SS-Pz. Abt. 101 blaze through a shattered French village in the days following D-Day, June 1944.

Their destination - Normandy !

 Wittman, holder of the Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Swords was one of the of the most successful German tank commanders in history, destroying more than 138 enemy tanks, and over 140 artillery pieces. A veteran of Kursk, he is particularly famous for his actions in Normandy, when, on 13 June 1944 during the Battle of Villiers-Bocage, his small company halted the advance of the British 22nd Armoured Brigade, destroying 30 British tanks, 14 half-tracks, and 16 Bren-gun carriers. He was killed in action on 8 August 1944.



Every print in the Limited Edition, Artists Proof Edition, and the Remarque Editions have been personally signed by the artist, Richard Taylor, together with THREE veterans of German Panzer units during WWII.

With THREE Signatures


Called up in 1941 he jioned the 22nd Panzer Division as a tank crew member serving in the Crimea during the winter of 1941, the first of many tank battles including the battle of Stalingrad. After evading capture in 1944 he jioned a Panzer Division in the west, defending the Rhine against Patton's US 3rd Army.


A veteran of the German Normandy campaign he served as a paratrooper providing ground support for various Armoured Panzer Divisions including Tiger Tank units.


Jioning the German Army in 1943 he trained as a tank crewman and transferred to the 12th Waffen SS Panzer Division in Belgium in 1944. Staying with this elite unit in France during the Allied Invasion he fought throughout the Normandy campaign, on D-Day, at Falaise and was eventuallytaken POW.

400    Limited Edition           US$    175 / UK£ 110

   25    Artists Proofs              US$    235 / UK£ 150

   25    Remarques                  US$    455 / UK£ 285

   10    Double Remarques     US$    745 / UK£ 465


Now is the time to invest in an original work by this exceptional and rapidly devoloping artist. Richard Taylor has created ten substantial and unique original pencil drawings, supreme examples of the artist's breath-taking skill.

Each drawing is signed by SIX World War II Panzer Commanders and crew - all holders of the coveted Knight's Cross, to create an unrivalled piece for true collectors of modern military history.

Issued together with all the components of the Limited Edition with a total of NINE signatures, the Original Drawing are additionally signed by ;

German Army OTTO CARIUS Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves

German Army GERHARD FISCHER Knight's Cross

Waffen SS WALTHER GIRG Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves

German Army ALBERT KERSCHER Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves

German Army NORBET KUJACINSKI Knight's Cross

Waffen SS RICHARD RUDOLF Knight'sCross

The Tribute Proof Original Drawing by Richard Taylor

One Tribute Proof Available   * SOLD *

Overall Print Size : 34¼" wide x 21½" high

Image Size : 31" wide x 17½" high

Drawing Paper Size : 16½" wide x 11¼" high