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by Robert Taylor

A group of Bf109Gs from III./JG26, one of the Luftwaffe's most famous fighter units return to their forward base after a long but uneventful sweep along the Channel coast in early 1944.

It was known as the Jagdverbände, the fighter arm of the Luftwaffe, and by June 1940 it contained some of the world's greatest fighter pilots. With tactics honed to perfection first with the Condor Legion in Spain, then over Poland and France, these battle-seasoned veterans dominated the skies of Europe.

But as the war progressed, the Luftwaffe fighter pilots faced another battle, the increasingly desperate war of attrition as the Allied air forces slowly, but inevitably, ground the German war machine into defeat. By early 1945 Allied air supremacy was overwhelming. And yet despite the odds increasingly stacked against them, from within their ranks came some of the most successful air Aces ever to fly on the Western Front. Names such as Hans-Joachim Marseille, whose tally of 158 victories made him the top scoring fighter pilot in the West, the legendary Erich-Rudorffer who scored more multiple victories than any other pilot and of course the Fighter General Adolf Galland, who achieved 104, victories in the West.

Robert Taylor's stunning new painting, The Long Short Days, beautifully and in his unmistakable style captures with inordinate skill, a moment of rare tranquility amidst the carnage of war as the lengthening sun glints across the frozen landscape during the short days of winter.



Two Signatures

Unteroffizier Hubert - Ludwig Pelaum Iron Cross

Unteroffizier HUBERT-LUDWIG PELAUM Iron Cross

Originally flew Heinkel III bombers with IV./KG27 ' Boelcke' . Towards the end of the war transferred to train as a fighter pilot, posted to II./JG53 'PikAs' flying Bf109s with 6 Staffel over

Germany and France in ' Defence of the Reich '.

Feldwebel Heinz Radlauer Iron Cross 1st Class

Feldwebel HEINZ RADLAUER Iron Cross Ist Class 15 Victories

Jioned Luftwaffe 1941 posted to JG51 'Molders' on the Eastern Front. Often wingman for Heinz Marquardt, flew the Bf109G, the Fw109A and in the final months of the war, the Fw190D in ' Defence of the Reich ' northen Germany, over 100 cxombat missions last action 30 April 1945. 

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Nine Signatures

Leutnant Helmut Ballewski Iron Cross

Leutnant HELMUT BALLEWSKI Iron Cross

Jioned Luftwaffe November 1942 posted to Geschwaderstab JG53 'PikAs' in Sicily. January 1945 transferred to IV./JG53 flying Fw190s as wingman to Helmut Bennemann on 'Operation Bodenplatte' . Flew operations at Remagen, 45 combat missions completed in the West.

Feldwebel Ernst Giefing Iron Cross

Feldwebel ERNST GIEFING Iron Cross / 6 Victories

Jioned Luftwaffe 1941. Initially flying instructor he was posted to JG2 'Ricthofen' in the West and in December 1944 to II./JG7 at Konigsberg flying Bf109 in which he scored four 4 victories. He then converted to Me262 jet fighter, based at Brandenberg-Brest, adding further 2 victories. By wars end he flown 75 combat missions and been shot down 4 times the last being 24 March 1945.  

Oberstleutnant Norbet Hannic Iron Cross 1st Class

Oberstleutnant NORBET HANNIC Iron Cross Ist Class 42 Victories

Began combat operations early 1943 with JG54 'Grunherz' on the Eastern Front near Leningrad. Flying Bf109G then Fw190, he was promoted to Staffelkapitan of 6./JG54. Notching up an impressive 42 victories, he returned to the West instructing on fighters and converted to Me262 jet fighter, flying in combat with III./JG7 from Brandenberg-Brest in 'Defence of the Reich'.

Unteroffizier Gerhardt Kott Iron Cross 1st Class

Unteroffizier GERHARDT KOTT Iron Cross Ist Class 8 Victories

Jioned III./JG3 'Udet' in 1943 flying Bf109s on the Eastern Front near Leningrad and then in the West over Germany and France. Transferring to IV./JG3 he converted to Fw190 Sturm, before jioning JG4 Sturmgruppe, again flying Fw190s, shooting down 4 B17s and 1 B24 over Europe.

Major Erich Rudoffer Knights Cross Oak Leafs and Swords

Major ERICH RUDOFFER KCOS 222 Victories

Veteran of the Battle of Britain with 2./JG2, June 1941 he was Staffelkapitan of 6./JG2. April 1942 North Africa with II./JG2, later to command II./JG2. In July 1943 transferred to command II./JG54 in Russia. Fearsome reputation of the master of multiple scoring. In January 1945 'Defence of the Reich' as Kommandeur of I./JG7 achieving 12 victories in the Me262. Seventh highest scoring Ace in history.

Oberfeldwebel Willi Reschke Knights Cross

Oberfeldwebel WILLI RESCHKE Knights Cross 27 Victories

Jioned I./JG302 'Wild Sau' in June 1944 flying Bf109G, his first victories 2 B24s near Budapest. By September, when he converted to Fw190A-8, he had become one of the Gruppe's most experianced pilots. Redesignated III./JG301, his Gruppe transferred to Berlin and in March 1945 transferred to Geschwaderstab JG301. In final days of war flying Ta152 claimed 3 victories, shot down 8 times and wounded once in 70 combat missions, all but 2 victories acheived in the West. 

Generalleutnant Walter Krupinski Knights Cross and Oak Leafs

Generalleutnant WALTER KRUPINSKI KCO 197 Victories

One of the most popular pilots in the Luftwaffe, qualified as a fighter pilot in late 1940 and with 6./JG52, flew against the best of the RAF before transferring to the East. March 1943 promoted Staffelkapitan of 7./JG52. After a brief spell with I./JG5, appointed Kommandeur of II./JGII in northen France flying high alttitude Bf109s. On 12 August 1944, received severe burns when his engine exploded. Back in action commanded III./JG26 before jioning Adolf Galland's JV44 March 1945 flying Me262. He flew a total of 1,100 combat missions, 5 times wounded, finished the war a leading Ace with 197 victories. He remains one of the most iconic leaders in Aviation History.

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The Long Short Days Master Work Drawings by Robert Taylor


With Twenty Signatures & Original Masterwork Drawing

15 Tribute Edition   UK£   2295   /   US$   3395

The Long Short Days Tribute Edition by Robert Taylor

Overall Print Size : 32" wide x 24" high

Image Size : 25½" wide x 16" high